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Horizontal lines on the screen

Michael Zajdel

New member
Nov 10, 2013
Hi guys I have macbook air mid 2013. I have issue of random horizontal line across my screen. My Macbook was already twice in the repair centre. First they have changed logic board and top case. After this repair macbook was unusable. Second repair, logic board was replaced again but still the horizontal lines are appearing. What should I do? It seems quite a lot people have issues with Macbook air mid 2013 and horizontal lines. It does not affect the performance but horizontal lines on the screen which appear once in a while usually scrolling pictures is quite annoying when you have paid ?1000 for your computer. I am not able to send my computer to apple's repair centre all the time :(


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New member
Sep 20, 2009
Seems like an issue with the screen itself. I'd be upset too if I spent that much and kept having issues. Hopefully u get the issue resolved