HomepodOS 14 Beta - Default Audio from ATV & ATMOS


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Mar 22, 2014
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I’ve been waiting for the default audio out routing from ATV for a while, so I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on HomepodOS 14.2 beta to check it out. Now that we will see some version of ATMOS also, this makes the Homepods quite an interesting home theatre.

I’ve got 14.2 beta on my Apple TV now, and was hoping this would magically work to get the Homepods sorted, however this beta is by invitation only by the looks of it.

I know the “special” place where one can get profiles is available, but that is a step too far for me, so happy to wait until I can get a beta or GA path from Apple.

I’m just wondering if anyone else here has been braver than me, or was on the invitation list (and is allowed to talk), have you seen audio out working? And ATMOS, has that made an appearance yet?

Here in Australia, the Homepods are available from quite a few places for $299 (Apples price is $469), if these features work well I was thinking of picking up a second pair for a family member.

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