Home button faulty?


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Aug 11, 2008
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Hey all,

Picked up a black 64GB iPhone 5 this morning from a Verizon corporate store. It was so busy and noisy in there that I didn't really have a chance to check out the phone until I got back home. Once I got home and it was somewhat quiet, I noticed that my home button has this odd plasticky pre-click before I actually press down the button. It does it every time and it sounds very cheap (like a creaking samsung phone lol). I also bought a iPhone 5 16GB for my father and his home button is perfect and doesn't have this odd pre-click. It barely takes any weight to make the button click. Has anyone else experienced this? The button works, but the click is really annoying and I really think that for $400 it shouldn't do this (when the 16GB is fine).

Would the Verizon reps replace it because of this even though the button isn't broken?

Other than that, I am enjoying the bigger screen and all the other i5 features :)



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Sep 26, 2012
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I had the same problem !

I called Apple and ask for a replacement, which I got in 48h
Sent the faulty iPhone back to Apple and that's it. Free of charge !