Hey you, the one running iOS 7 beta.......

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John Yester

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May 23, 2012
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Via - Rene Ritchie

Hey you, the one running iOS 7 beta when you really shouldn't be: Stay classy!

"Meant to publish this on Monday but I messed up and forgot to. Sorry about that. But it's the same every year. The iOS 7 beta is intended for developers to test for bugs and software compatibility. It's not intended to be an early release preview, or the daily driver for anyone's main phone. This year more than ever, iOS 7 is really beta. It's not done. It's not cooked. It's cool as hell but there's a reason there's a lineup at the Apple Store outside Moscone for iPod touches. Not even developers want to risk their main phone. (I don't have it on my main phone either.) So here's the deal...

Stay away. And if you're not going to stay away, be classy about it. Respect the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) you become part of when you install the software. Send bugs to Apple, not to the front page, and absolutely don't post negative reviews for apps that don't work or look well under iOS 7. Developers will update what they can when they can, and find workarounds if and when possible, but they're not allowed uploading iOS 7 binaries yet, and won't be until just before launch. Send them bugs privately to help them out, don't screw up their ratings. They're not doing anything wrong.

Again, we -- and other people -- write this every year because some people tend to forget it every year.
Play with the beta if you have to, but stay classy about it."

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