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Jun 24, 2012
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As you know from reading my previous case reviews here on Mobile Nations, I hate cases on my phones and with wallet cases, it’s very hard to find one that I personally would use with my phone for any length of time. Enter the Hex Brand Parchment Leather Icon Wallet case for iPhone X. Unfortunately for me the negatives with wallet cases are the bulkiness and using it one handed is not very comfortable, unsurprisingly this was also my experience with the Hex wallet case.

The only other wallet case I have to compare this to is the TwelveSouth BookBook wallet case and I have to say the Hex is a pretty good option if you don’t want your phone to look like a book. The front and back of the case have a very nice textured feel to it and there’s a strap attached to keep the case closed but I would have rather had a magnetic clasp which would have made for easier access to my phone one-handed. The strap makes it cumbersome to open when I want to just glance at my phone quickly but on a positive note, the strap is great for keeping the credit card flap out of the way when you want to use the phone one-handed.




The actual shell you put the phone in is a nice sturdy plastic the only bummer is you can’t remove it like I’ve seen in other wallet case designs which I would actually prefer since the case can become quite bulky with your phone, cards, and cash all loaded up. My other gripe with the case is the lack of a window slot for my driver’s license and the fact that there is only three card slots is a bummer. You can fit two cards per slot but it gets pretty tight and with the strap keeping the flap closed you may want to get a screen protector as your cards could put some scratches on the screen. I guess that’s a risk with any wallet case though.



For me wallet cases are a double-edged sword while convenient they are more of a nuisance with having to choose which cards you want in the case, dealing with the bulk and the flap isn’t a compromise I want to make. After all, that though Hex made an excellent case and for anyone who loves wallet cases I would definitely recommend it. You can get your very own by going here.
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