Here’s a working man’s guide to iPhone X cases.


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Aug 20, 2016
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Let’s face it some case options don’t work for guys (and gals) who work with their hands. Personally for me I get all sorts of grease and carbon dust on my hands constantly. This stuff transfers to cases and mucks them up. Also my phones get dropped, dinged, sat on, stepped on and even once was in my hand when I was shocked by a piece of equipment with a short on the casing. This is a review of my experience with cases and how they hold up.

Otterbox defender: I’ve always been a huge fan of these ugly cases. I’ve had one for every phone I’ve owned since they were making them for blackberries. I’ve personally never had the issue some have with the silicone case stretching over time. My case for the iPhone X though is going to get a negative review.

My otterbox case was great out of the box. After a few days I noticed the case was creaking. It steadily got worse over time.

I called today and they are sending me a warranty replacement for the plastic inside the case so stay tuned for a follow up to see if it improved at all.

On a side note due to the loose fit on my otterbox case the whole top of my new iPhone is completely scuffed. The finish almost looks chipped.

Pros: still confident that in the case of an accidental drop my phone wouldn’t break.

Also grip, no matter how greasy my hands get the phone is secure.

I’d also like to mention the belt clip. I’ve trekked many miles through the woods and even going through brush and brambles I’ve never felt the need to check if my phone was still there.

Cons: fit of the case. Which is something that I cannot overlook.

Apple leather:
By far my favorite case in general. The case feels great in your hand, very slim and compliments the phone well. They are always very high quality and in the case of my iPhone 7 Plus which was dropped many times, provide adequate protection. Never once have I had any scuffing or a broken screen even though I’ve dropped it. Also the cut outs were more than adequate for any charging cable or for my fat fingers to hit the mute switch.

Between sound quality issues and the overall fit on the two that I had for my phones they never stayed on longer than a day. People always said I sounded like I was talking on the new Apple iTincan.

Apple silicon:
Just got my first silicon case by Apple for the X. This case seems fantastic, albeit it feels very small compared to the otterbox and I’m going to have to get used to it. The case has a great texture to it and I’m confident that if the leather provided great drop protection the silicon will only hold up better. One thing I can’t forget to mention, like the leather the cut outs are obviously perfect.

Tech21: I’ve also always had a tech21 case. I always liked these as a cheap alternative to the apple leather cases. One complaint is I always felt they left the cameras too exposed. They hold up well against greasy fingers and always have good grip. I just never liked the hard plastic feel of them enough to keep it on permanently.


Dec 25, 2011
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Re: Working Mans guide to X cases

Great write up, I would also recommend looking at the Mous Limitless and Rhinoshield SolidSuit for slim cases with above average protection.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: Working Mans guide to X cases

Excellent write up, and thank you for posting it...:cool:


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Oct 15, 2014
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Re: Working Mans guide to X cases

That's why I sold my Defender cases. Don't want the edges of my phone rubbing against that hard plastic interior shell.


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Dec 23, 2017
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Re: Working Mans guide to X cases

iBlason Armored 2.0 with built in tempered glass screen protector. $17.83 to $19.93.

Multiple colors, perfect fit, belt clip, built in popout stand/finger holder and very durable. Substantially better than Otterbox at half the cost and much better screen protector. Got one for my daughters X and its excellent.


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Feb 5, 2011
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Re: Working Mans guide to X cases

I like the under armor case myself. Built solid. Has grip. Feels like it will protect the device.


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Sep 29, 2015
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Re: Working Mans guide to X cases

The only case I'd recommend getting if you work outdoors like I do is a LifeProof Fre. Yes, the sound quality is kinda poor, but it's important to protect that $999-$1149 investment. It's rated IP68 for maximum water and dust protection. After working out in the dirt for 10 days, I'll take my phone out of the LP case and it still looks brand new.

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