Help with connecting new IPAD Pros to PA system for use as a musical instrument


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Jan 9, 2019
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Hi guys - I have an IPAD MINI 4 which I primarily use as a music synthesizer. I run 4-5 synth apps simultaneously through an onboard mixer app called AUM , and I have the dual charge/camera adapter that both charges the IPAD while connecting it to my keyboard controller...and of course the 3.5mm audio out that allows me to send the audio to a PA System. I have found that I'm taxing the MINI 4 with amount of apps I use, so I need to upgrade.

Certainly the 2018 IPAD which has the 3.5mm audio out is an option and it has the A10 Fusion processor, but the appeal of the PRO is that it has 4MB of RAM and more than just raw processor speed, might have the ability to handle/crunch the information a lot better than the 2GB RAM. The downside is that it has no ability to output audio to a mixer via 3.5mm jack while connecting to the controller and simultaneously charging the IPAD PRO. Which sucks for us musicians as we need all 3 of those things to happen when using an IPAD as a keyboard.

Do any of you know of a solution to this problem? Is there a USB-C adapter or HUB made by a 3rd party that allows for the simultaneous charging of the IPAD, connecting to a USB 2 way source like a keyboard controller, and also outputting the audio to a 3rd party PA system? The other question or alternative would be to ask if the Gen 2 IPAD PRO from last year that does have the 3.5mm jack, running the A9X processor with 4GB would be a superior alternative to this year's A10 Fusion IPAD? If my choices are limited to the current IPAD (regular) and last year's IPAD PRO, which would be better for running and processing multiple synth apps - in other words does raw processor speed of the A10 Fusion get beaten by the 4GB of RAM in that IPAD PRO A9X device for this usage application?
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