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Help with bootcamp and latest MacBook Pro retina

Richard Nieves

New member
Jan 22, 2013
Love my new mac. I am a first time mac user so forgive me if I am being stupid about this. I have tried with no luck getting bootcamp to work... I go in allow bootcamp to make my installation files and whatnot on my USB drive then I go through the partitioning and then it restarts to a blank white screen. I have tried several different things (I am computer savy)

- tried it again the same way
- tried just the partitioning (kept files on USB
- deleted everything and started fresh AGAIN.
- got a different ISO for windows 7 (was trying to installing windows 8)
- used the windows 8 installer to create a bootable USB and that didn't work either (wouldn't let me create a partition)
- called apple care who, while they were very nice, were not helpful at all.

I have no clue what to do. I read somewhere you can try typing some extension somewhere but discarded that because it crashed many peoples bootcamp. I guess I will go to the apple store tomorrow and see if they can figure it out... If I didn't need windows for a couple programs I would gladly just give up, but I do.


Trusted Member
Mar 9, 2010
Do you have access to a USB DVD Drive? Works flawless for me just plugging in a USB DVD Drive and allowing bootcamp to do it's thing. I have never had any luck using USB drives to install the OS.