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HELP with attachments on email apps


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Hi I don't know what happened but I've seem to lost my link to attach my attachments on my iphone 5 Mail app...
I used to be able to attach documents but I for some reason, I can't anymore..I have hotmail and a another exchange account on my iphone that I uses frequently for school.
Any help would be appreciated
please reply to
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Jan 8, 2012
To send an attachment (photo or video) from within the native Mail app on your iPhone, do the following:
1. Initiate the native Mail app
2. Tap on the icon that starts a new email message
3. Tap and hold anywhere in the compose section to bring up a menu prompting you to "Select" - "Select All" - "Paste" - right arrow.
4. Tap on the little white arrow next to "paste"
5. Select "Insert Photo or Video" and then select the photo or video you want to send via email
6. Tap on "send"