[Help] Odd Problems with jailbroken 4s (7.0.4)


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May 12, 2014
Dear iPeople,

i could use some help. :yes:

A few weeks ago i jailbreaked my GFs iPhone 4s (7.0.4) and it runs smoothly, but a few strange problems appear since then.

1. Opennotifier doesnt work, the icons never appear on the status bar. :raised-eyebrow:
2. After going back to the Homescreen some Apps dont appear in the Appswitcher, but arent closed for whatever reason either. If i "launch" them again they appear as if they were still open in the background. :confused:

What i've tried so far:

- iCleaned the **** out of it
- Respring a trillion times :cant-watch:
- used iLEX R.A.T. and reran all jb and non-jailbreak settings
- installed tweaks once at a time and checked afterwards :coffee:
- checked Springtomize settings and played with the multitask settings
- Crosschecked with my iPhone 4 (7.0.6) that is running the exact same setup, tweakwise.

what i got out of that:

- switcher issue appears randomly and stays from then on
- Appswitcher works perfectly well with cydia in fresh install state
- springtomize multitask setting still work with the switcher
- Issue affects built-in, paid and free Apps, cant find a pattern why an App is (not) affected
- Cydia Apps like Springtomize, Winterboard, iCleaner and iFile are unaffected
- Apps missing from the switcher:
- Threema
- Calendars 5
- Evernote
- Cydia
- Settings
- Pictures
- Camera
- Music
- iBooks
- Atomic Web
- Google Maps
- Calculator

Could be more, only tried Apps she uses though​

Tweaks installed:

- Activator
- Alkaline + Color Number Theme (no %)
- Bars
- Browser Changer
- ClipShot
- CyDelete7
- Couria
- ExKey :biggrin:
- Facebook Internal Settings
- Folder Customizer
- Gridlock 2.0
- Mail Enhancer
- Message Box (iOS 7)
- Network List
- No Page Bounce
- NoAdStoreOpen
- NoBlur
- OpenNotifier + Color icon Pack
- Polus :love-struck:
- PowerSoundDisabler
- Ringer & Tones
- SameStatus
- ShowCase
- Springtomize 3 :cool:
- StatusHUD 2
- SwipeSelection
- TinyBar
- WhatsApp for Couria
- Winterboard:
- Messages Colors Icons
- Phone Colors Icons
- Silent Photo Chill
- Soft Remix
- WhatsApp Colors Icons​

I'd be freaking thankful, if anyone could help! :beer:



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Oct 14, 2011
you have a lot of apps.

Sorry.. I've no clue as to why that is happening. the only way would be to delete all apps, then start installing one at a time to see which cause the conflict.


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Feb 12, 2013
That's a really strange behavior and I can't explain it, but I would suggest to remove everything which is not important and always just use the most important tweaks and apps, so you can reduce the chance of incompatibility, crashes and problems. Therefore I would suggest to remove all tweaks which are installed just for cosmetics and tweaks which change internal structure too much.
From the behavior I would also think that Springtomize did something because it has options to change the multitasking behavior, but if you say you checked that then it should be ok.

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