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Dec 25, 2012
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Hi everyone! I am a student from the Netherlands. For my graduation paper I am examining the marketing of the iPhone. I would therefore like to preform a survey on this subject. It would be a great help if you would fill in this survey for me. Thank you in advance.

1. Do you have an iPhone?
2. Why did you choose to buy the iPhone or not to buy it?
3. What do you know about the iPhone and where did you get this information from? Can you name a few functions?
4. What do you think about the iPhone? Please motivate your answer
5. Is the iPhone better than other phones or do you think there are better phones, and why?
6. Have you ever seen a commercial about the iPhone? Did it motivate you to buy the iPhone or not?
7. How and when did you first hear about the iPhone?
8. What do you think of the marketing that Apple has used for the iPhone?
9. What do you of the brand Apple in general?
10. Did you know the brand Apple before you found out about the iPhone?
11. Do you think Apple excludes certain age with their marketing strategy?

If you have any other comments or interesting stories to share, I would like to hear them.

You can reply in this forum or email me on this e-mail address:

Thanks for your help and for filling in my survey.


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Apr 28, 2009
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Did you consider putting your survey on Survey Monkey or Google to make your data collection easier?

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