Help! My snapchat has been hacked.

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Jan 31, 2020
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Hi I’m facing a problem. One day i was on Snapchat when I suddenly got logged out. I tried logging in again immediately but it said that the password was wrong. And it was weird cause the password was set on auto-fill ( like remember me). I then later go to my email and apparently I got three emails that my password has been changed. 2 in English and one in German or Dutch. I tried to press that I forgot the password but Snapchat asks me to put in a verification code wich I don’t have or never put in cause I’m not signed up with my phone. The person that hacked my Snapchat also tried to log in on my Hotmail using a vpn so the location would be changed every time. I don’t know what to do and I need it back cause I have very sensitive information on there and I can’t afford to loose it. But Snapchats costumer service is **** and won’t help me. So I’m lost is there any service I can pay to get back for me. And sorry if I spelt anything wrong English isn’t my first language.
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