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HELP - iPhone 5 Jailbreak and general issues


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Aug 24, 2014
So I just jailbroke my iPhone 5 running 7.1.2 using Pangu yesterday after not having it jailbroken for a while. The only tweaks I got were Phantom Snapchat and activator (i used activator to set the triple-click of the home button to lock my screen). All was going well until a little earlier today. The screen went black after I locked it, except this time it would not unlock. [It is important to note that my lock/ power button does not function].

I was just going to restore from a backup but it said that I had to turn off Find My iPhone to do that... but the screen is black

For a while I was facetimeing my phone and sending it texts in the hops of draining its battery. Of course the only time I ever want my phone to die it has full battery but any other time im probably below 40%. I look at my options on other forums and come to the conclusion that I should "erase all content and settings" through iCloud, it'll erase and then I restore to my backup. BIG MISTAKE. Now my phone has been stuck in a "loading loop" [redacted] for close to 8 hours now.

I am beginning to think that I have monumentally screwed up now, seeing as my top button is broken and I can't just force recovery mode.

pls send help
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Jan 8, 2012
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