Help: contacts will not download/sync from Mobile Me to iPhone (PC)


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Feb 2, 2010
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My new iPhone won't download old contacts from MobileMe. It will sync any new contacts or calendar event I add to either the iPhone or Mobile Me, but not the existing ones.

Basically, I bought my first iPhone a couple of days ago. I just followed the prompts and ended up sync'ing it with gmail as well as pulling all the contacts off my old SIM and phone. But I ended up with lots of duplicate contacts. So I set up a Mobile Me account and uploaded all the contacts from the iPhone, no problems. Then I cleaned up all my contacts on Mobile Me, got rid of duplicates etc.

Then I reset my iPhone to clear all data so I could start afresh (I've only had it a day or two so there wasn't much to lose). I thought I would be able to easily pull all the nice, clean contacts down from the cloud. But the only contacts that will sync are new ones, not the old ones.

If I add a contact on Mobile Me, it downloads to the iPhone. If I add a new contact on the iPhone, it uploads to Mobile Me. But the hundreds of old contacts I have amassed over many years and many different mobile phones are stuck in the cloud and won't come down!

All these contacts only ended up on Mobile Me after being sent from my iPhone, so not sure why it won't take them back.

I'm on a PC. I have sync'd the iPhone with iTunes since I reset it. And I have downloaded the latest version of the iPhone OS since I reset the phone. I have tried turning off all sync'ing and then turning it on again - the iPhone asked if I wanted to merge data, I said yes, but it didn't download any of the old contacts.

Obviously sync works, but why won't it get my old contacts?!

The only thing I haven't tried is resetting all sync data. However, how can I back up my Mobile Me data before I erase it? I didn't think my Mobile Me contacts would sync with a PC?


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Jun 18, 2009
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go into your control panel, you should find a mobile me item. this is where you setup your sync

login to the mobile me website and confirm all your contacts are there.

so you know, contacts sync'd manually to the phone via itunes do not sync to mobile me. only ones sync'd from the desktop directly to mobile me or made on the phone in the mobile me contact group will be there.

I would make a backup of everything before you touch anything else. I would even go as far as to print everything out

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