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Apr 26, 2019
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Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe Nv360: Frequently Asked Questions

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 is one of the best rated upright vacuums right now and as far as I know, it’s held this title for a couple of years. It’s all thanks to its affordable price tag, which has made it accessible to a huge portion of customers. The good design and adequate performance have helped in the popularity contest, too.

To help you gain a better understanding of the vacuum, here are a couple of frequently asked questions (and answers) about the Shark Lift Away Deluxe vacuum NV360.

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What’s the Cleaning Range Of This Vacuum?

This blue Shark vacuum has a 25 feet power cord, which will give it a cleaning radius of 25 feet around any electrical outlet. In addition, it also has a 4 feet long flexible suction hose. Altogether, the NV360 has a cleaning range around 24 and 25 feet.

While the power cord is adequately long and will allow you to clean medium to large spaces, the suction hose is considered short by most users and testers. The short hose can make it difficult to clean out spaces like the car.


What’s the “Lift-Away” Feature In This Vacuum?

The Lift-Away mode separates the NV360 and every other Lift-Away class vacuums in Shark’s extensive portfolio from the rest of the competing upright vacuums. With this mode, you can detach the core of the vacuum from its upright frame and use it separately. In other words, Lift-Away effectively gives you the ability to transform the NV360 from an upright vacuum cleaner to a canister vacuum.

So what’s the advantage here?

From a vacuum as heavy as 14.3 pounds, you can reduce the overall weight of the vacuum down by as much as half. What’s more, the detached canister can be carried around far more easily than the bulky full body of the NV360.

In this mode, the vacuum is excellent for jobs that require mobility like stairs cleaning, clearing out cobwebs on the ceiling, cleaning shelves, furniture, and the car.

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What’s the “Anti-Allergen Seal” Technology?

Shark made a lot of effort to market its “Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology”. This technology essentially means that all of the seams on the vacuum’s body is totally sealed, making the vacuum airtight.

The advantage here is that all of the dirty particles that could cause allergies swept up by the vacuum cannot leak back into the environment via small cracks in the vacuum. If you are an allergy sufferer, this tech will improve your quality of life significantly.


How Do I Clean the NV360’s Filter?

The filters inside of the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV360 are very easy to clean. Furthermore, according to the manual, the filters do not need to be maintained often, either.

You can access the two pre-motor filters by removing the dirt compartment. These filters— one made from foam and one made from felt— have to be cleaned using lukewarm water once every three months or so.

As for the post-motor HEPA filter, it can be found by removing the vacuum’s front cover. The lifespan of this filter is exceptionally long at two years before it has to be cleaned. The process is the same as the pre-motor filters: give it a wash with lukewarm water and let it dry.


I hope this short FAQ has answered all (or most) of the questions you may have about this Shark navigator lift-away deluxe NV360
- blue!
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