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Sep 1, 2020
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Seven 1

My wife Sue and I had often joked about the “Seven Year Itch” and now here we were coming up on our seventh anniversary and I had to admit that although the relationship was still just as good or even better than it was, the sex was getting a bit boring and no where near often enough to prevent frustration.

A couple of kids had curtailed our nude romps around the house and we were limited to our bedroom late at night if Sue was in the mood after a long day so I basically had to take care of my frustrations in private.

I had tried numerous times to talk about it but Sue either got angry or called me a sicko so I resigned myself to taking care of it myself.

I didn’t want to destroy our great relationship by getting caught with a bit on the side but a woman’s body was a damn sight nicer that a calloused hand and I had started to think that if an opportunity arose I probably wouldn’t be able to resist. I really needed to dump a load at least once a day and then the temptations and frustrations were wiped away for the rest of the day.

I don’t profess to understand the needs of women but for a man its pretty simple, we need some intimate romance once a week or so but on a completely separate biological level we need to release our seed one to three times a day hopefully with a woman’s help but if not, by hand or our body releases it by itself every four days to a fortnight in a wet dream https://www.bigtitsporn.xxx .

I decided to surprise her with a weekend away for just the two of us to try and bring back a little of the magic and maybe get a bit of loving at least once a week for a while.

The kids were secretly farmed off to the grandparents for the weekend, bookings were arranged in a seaside cabin at Broken Head just around the corner from a well known nudist beach and hopefully an eye full of man candy might get her in the mood for a passionate weekend.

I did realise that women candy was probably going to be in short supply with mainly kids, middle aged and old aged mothers so Sue was probably going to be the main woman candy there as even after two kids, slightly sagging boobs and scars and stretch marks she was a remarkably sexy woman even if she didn’t believe it herself, I think she concentrated too much on her slight imperfections and didn’t really see the big picture, a trim and fit beautiful woman in the prime of her life. [of course when I tried to tell her that she just accused me of lying to try and get a bit]

I had bought her a new G string high rise Bikini to show off her great arse and cover her birth scar but doubted she would wear it so included her frumpy old one piece when I packed our bags and waited for her to get home from work.

I was sitting in my car waiting as she drove in the garage and just opened the door and said “get in” …. Of course she asked why, what’s wrong etc etc, but I just held the door open and said I’ll tell you on the way. After a few moments waiting curiosity won her over and she gingerly got in, I reversed out and hit the close button on the garage and drove off down the street with her pestering me for an answer.

“Its all good, no one is hurt and it’s a surprise for our anniversary” I said “the kids are at your parents and everything is taken care of, just relax and enjoy our weekend away, its just the two of us”.

For the next two hours she hit me with “what ifs” and “what abouts” but I managed to allay all her fears and she seemed to be almost at ease by the time we pulled in to our cabin.

She was standing on our private balcony, the only one that outsiders could not see into from the street as I ordered some Chinese food to be delivered then ran her a bath and jumped in the shower while she relaxed in the scented bubbles .

It was a beautiful still night, perfect temperature with views of the distant lights as I set a small table and two chairs out on the balcony and was still in my towel walking past the front door when I heard a knock, as I immediately answered the door for the Chinese delivery, the door to the bathroom was still wide open just like the delivery boys eyes, I paid him and closed the door then turned to see what he had seen, Sue was still in the bath with her head back, her boobs visible, nipples standing tall and proud with a big grin on her face.

Sue really liked to be the centre of attention and I think she secretly liked the look on the young lads face when I accidentally exposed her.

I laid out the food and grabbed a large fluffy towel and carefully dried my beautiful wife then led her to the balcony and dropped my own towel, “no one can see us here” I assured as I stepped out leading my naked wife to her chair, we then enjoyed a leisurely meal and small talk.

Things were going well and I was as randy as a Mallee Bull but did not want to spoil the weekend, I wanted to tease her and romance her, not just jump her, so I laid out another big fluffy towel on the bed and asked her if she’d like a sensuous massage which she readily agreed to.

I grabbed the scented lotion and started at her feet slowly moving up little by little one calf at a time then her upper legs and thighs until I reached the join then skirted around her most private parts and back to her smooth cheeks and kept moving upwards. I was sure I heard a small groan of disappointment as I missed her bits.

I was as hard as a rock as I was sliding along her smooth slippery calves slowly but surely moving in on my target as I massaged here lower back then upwards making sure I included the side of her chest.

The temptation was almost too much as my hardness was mere millimetres from her entrance but I lifted and slid along the smooth slippery cleft between her cheeks instead and continued massaging her back and shoulders.

The movement along her cleft as I slid my hands up her back and shoulders was getting me right to the point of no return so I whispered to her to turn over but she didn’t move, I asked again but then realised that she had fallen asleep, doh, my teasing had gone on too long.

Here I was just about ready for a big release and all I had to do was lower myself down a little and slide inside her using the lotion as lube, a few pumps at most and I’d be there but that would be cheating and would probably wake her up and she’d be pissed off.

I was still sliding along her cleft as I continued to massage her back and realised that the feeling of the smooth slippery warm cleft was damn near as good as the real thing and all I had to do was stop holding myself back and I would get my release without her even knowing https://themyfreecams.com .

My strokes stayed the same slow steady speed but they lengthened until I felt like I was sliding all the way up inside here then just as I felt the surge rocket up my length I moved back too far and as I went to slide up again my tip caught in her rosebud.

I froze with my tip hard against her, perhaps even a few mm inside as I released my built up passion in surge after surge inside her, I looked down but could see most of my tip outside her but no sign of anything escaping.

I ran my hand up along my whole length squeezing everything left behind inside her before pulling away to examine the mess, a quick dab with a tissue and the few drops on the outside were gone, no mess, no fuss … I grinned and thought “I wonder if she’ll

notice anything in the morning?” before rolling over, turning off the bedside light and slipping in to a contented sleep.

In a dreamy state I felt some movement then pow!, I was enveloped in warm smooth slippery silk and awoke to find my beautiful naked wife sitting on top of me impaled on my morning wood furiously rubbing herself with her fingers with sunlight streaming through the windows.
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Apr 6, 2016
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Hello imore! Just joined and hope to stay up to date and if I can contribute to the forum! Have an iPhone and an iPad device and want to make the most out of them. I wait iphone 12 because i think iphone 5 was greatest ever!

Greetings and salutations. Welcome to iMore.

Watch out for @Annie_M, she WILL steal fries off your plate.

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