Helix Game Grip by PosiMotion, This looks cool


Nov 30, 2009
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The Helix by PosiMotion is poised to be the best controller grip for iPhone/iPod touch. This grip can be oriented to accommodate vertical and horizontal gaming views, has an ergonomic curve and comfortable "Soft Touch" coating. Should you need to snap a photo or video, it can be used as a "steady cam" as there is a convenient hole for the iPhone's camera. It fits iPod touch generation 2 and 3 and iPhone 3G/3G.

The biggest issue with other grips is the ability to touch the screen easily to toggle the virtual buttons, such as boost, brake, etc and to be able to charge while encased. The Helix promises to be easy to use and will not hinder the ability to charge the device or control the games at all. It is very easy to attach and is designed to be durable, portable and lightweight.

It looks simple and elegant and will make a useful addition to any iPhone/iPod touch gamers' collection of accessories. It is available for pre-order at PosiMotion - Helix - iPhone Application & Game Development

The Helix is featured in a press release available at PosiMotion Debuts the Helix Gaming Grip for iPod Touch and iPhone at CES