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Headphones for use with Hearing Aids


Nov 9, 2011
I use in-the-ear hearing aids (in both ears). I'd like to find headphones that would work well WITH the hearing aids, rather than having to remove the hearing aids for conventional in the ear headphones.The speakers for each ear would need to be independently adjustable since my hearing loss is different in each ear.

I love to hear from anyone with experience in this area, and I'd appreciate information on brands, cost, features, etc.

Thanks much.


Well-known member
Oct 22, 2010
Any headphones with the right plug to fit into the iPhone audio jack will do - and I think headphones can be had that have the in-line mic & controls for the iPod & and answer phone options... for the volume control, that's in >>Settings >>General >> Accessibility - you can adjust the left-rignt balance there.

There's also stereo bluetooth headphones that can also be used for hands-free speakerphone too... the Accessibility functions would apply to those as well.