Has the UK Apple TV (2nd gen.) situation improved since launch?

King Mustard

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Feb 7, 2010
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I was reading the CNET UK review and spotted some issues. However, the article was written around the time of the product's launch, so things are likely to have changed since then.

Can someone let me know if the following three points have improved?:

In the UK, however, things are different. When we saw Apple TV, the 'TV shows' tab was notably absent from the menu interface, and there's no Netflix either. These things could change, and hopefully will if Apple manages to secure network deals here in the UK.
Prices are also a little odd here in Blighty. To start with, the whole package costs ?99, compared to $99 in the US. First-run movies will also cost ?4.49 to rent, which makes us think Apple has forgotten that exchange rates exist.
You can also access content from sites like YouTube and Flickr, and MobileMe.

Also, anything else you wish to add regarding chances since launch? :)

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