Has anyone switched from an iPhone to a Nexus?


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Apr 28, 2016
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I've been an iPhone user for about 4-5 years now. But there's something about android that has always made me want to get a nexus phone, let me explain. While I do love the iPhone, in my opinion Apple has released updates that either makes the apps crash more or has bugs that should have been found during testing. While I know everyone's experience is different, this has been happening to me since the iPhone 5S. In 2015, I got a nexus 6 through my job (I work for a carrier). And I decided to test the phone for a month to see if I could officially make the switch. Although it was a brief experience, I fell in love with it. I loved the huge screen, that massive battery, and the dual stereo speakers. Then I switched back to my iPhone 6, and used the nexus to surf the web or watch videos. September came and both Google and Apple announced their new flagship phones, and I fell in love with the Nexus 6P.

During all my reading and research, I've noticed people say "yeah but googles apps are available on iOS as well". And while this is true, it's not the same to me. I'm an iPhone user who is in love with Google services. At work, my coworkers have this joke where they say I'm the "Google advocate". Reason being is because I prefer googles services instead of apples. I hate iCloud Photo Library and the moment Google
Photos was available for iPhone, it was installed and is my go to app for photo storage. The biggest perk iOS has in my honest opinion is iMessage, this is the best way to communicate in my opinion. I do wish someone made an a texting app that would be able to communicate with iPhones and make it think it's another iPhone. But a man can only dream. Ever since Google has committed to monthly security patches, I feel like the Nexus phones are great. Yeah people may argue that android is fragmented and vulnerable. But let's be honest, what are you doing on your phone that would cause it to become vulnerable (I mean this in a jokingly way).

My question is if anyone here has switched from an iPhone to a nexus device, if it's not to much of a bother can you please share your stories about the switch. Sorry for the long post but I would really love to hear some of your stories. I would gladly appreciate.


Apr 5, 2016
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Android has its benefits, like more user control and flexibility. It appears Google is making some welcome moves towards security, though by my view, Google never had user security as a top-drawer issue. Google is well reputed for its invasion oriented approach to users...."who, what, when, where, log in so we know more about you." It also appears Google is making excellent technological advances and doing it at a price Apple can't or is unwilling to match given Apple's market position. I lost trust in Google and so abandoned my Gmail accounts and all the rest some time ago.

Apple appears more security centric, though there's no way to know what happens behind locked doors with it or with Google and the alphabet soup of government agencies always knocking on their doors. Apple makes top-drawer hardware. I own MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. As hardware they're good.

Apple's Achille's heel is their (ahem....crummy) software. Apple Mail, for example, looks and functions like it was written by newbie programmers from the 1990's. It's 2016 as I write this, and I and most Apple users I know refuse to use Apple Mail but regard it as but a toy. ASIDE: If you use iPhone, for genuine professional level email, look at AltaMail, a power-maven of an application, or look at Microsoft's "new" (a completely different product from any MS on other platforms) Outlook they recently bought from Acompli and re-branded it. Smart move as MS is definitely delivering a first class Professional tool that competes with AltaMail. I use both.

Addressing your question, I have not yet switched from iPhone to Nexus, though I would much more likely instead switch (back) to Blackberry PRIV running Android. Obviously few outside of China can beat less than $400 for modern Android phone. Google is to be commended for that.

Google, however, remains off my radar. I will make my decision at the end of this year to see if Apple is going to slip more behind with more ill-conceived software, ignoring their much-needed refinement of existing applications, while instead they spend their resources trumpeting their top-drawer "new" iPhone hardware. Yes, Good hardware is vital, but without top software applications to breath life, not just fashion, into the user experience, I will be a PRIV user by this time next year.

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