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Has anybody tried using 'Tardisk' for their macs?


New member
Feb 9, 2016
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Hey Guys! Would love to answer any questions :)
(I am on the TarDisk Team.)

I ran into the website and I was just curious if it really works and how it works.
Lanre, yes it is that simple. Plug it in and it will in essence "merge" with your existing SSD so your "Macintosh HD" volume will become additively larger.

Never heard of it.
Just_The_D, hopefully we can change that!

I haven't but I remember seeing it on Kickstarter. Very cool idea!
DevilishBanker, Awesome! Yes -- that was us. We were launched on KS, (although our TarDisk now is wayy more capable than what we started with!)

Let me know if I can run any tests or help answer any questions.


Feb 10, 2016
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I have one of these, it works perfectly. I was out of HD space on my 128GB MBAir and I kept getting that "start up disk almost full" warning so I bought a 256GB TarDisk Pear.

Was much cheaper than a new computer, plus I get to keep my current computer which I love :). You do have to restart a few times during installation, but I already had a Time Machine back up made so it took like less than 10 minutes to install. Would definitely recommend.

Lanre I think what you're talking about is the cloud backup option. They offer a free cloud backup of your whole HD during installation. I didn't go for it because I already have Time Machine, but It's an option for people who don't I guess.


Aug 28, 2015
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I've installed one of these in our Macbooks Airs at the office. Took a little bit of time because it required turning off Filevault to do the install, then turning it on after everything was complete. It expanded the storage seamlessly and has been working great for several months now.

Lanre Folarin

Dec 22, 2014
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Oh nice. I have a 128gb MacBook Pro and I want to increase the storage so I can always boot camp it. Was wondering what the cloud storage was for. Thanks a lot

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