Happy Earth Day with CalculatorZ for iPhone/iPad in limited time


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Mar 8, 2012
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Happy Earth Day! To fulfill Earth Day purpose, we?d like to offer CalculatorZ for FREE starting from today (Apr 21, 2012) until Monday (Apr 23, 2012). Don?t MISS this campaign because we have updated with a new version with all new features that match to the users? needs.

What are NEW in a new version?

1. Single mode: When you turn your iDevice in a landscape view, you can use single calculator with awesome HD images and themes.

2. Drag and Drop: This function allows you to drag one result from one calculator, choose to add, minus, multiple or divide, and then drop the first result to the other result on the other calculator. BANG! You will get an accurate and reliable result from CalculatorZ

Its new features sound very cool, right? Then what are you waiting for?? Just log in your App Store account, search for ? CalculatorZ ?, and put it into your favorite app collection!

After you download it, please feel free to leave us some reviews and comments on CalculatorZ. We?re appreciated to listen and take the best action on each problem!

If you love our applications, you can be our Facebook fanpage by searching ? iappcreation ?.

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