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[GUIDE] How To Send An iMessage Or SMS Through Your Contact App


New member
Jan 14, 2011
How To Send An iMessage Or SMS Through Your Contact App

I would like to provide everyone with an alternative way of sending your iMessage or SMS to whoever you are texting with that we generally always forget about and it is not that it is any better of different but a simple alternative should you choose to use it.

This would be simply going through your Contact App to do so and with the following screenshots, It will show you how quick and easy it is. This might be useful should you already be in your contact app and want to shoot a quick message to someone as you are scrolling.

Let's begin....... SImply start by opening your Contacts App located on your Homescreen.

Contacts App.png

After opening your app once again simply scroll through your contacts until you find who you are looking for. Once you find the contact just open it up and scroll down to Send Message.

Send Message_1.png

Once you see the Send Message just tap to open which will take you right to the message screen where you will find the persons name already propagated in the TO Field soyou can then compose your message and send it...

Send Message_2.png

That is it and can't be any easier. I am just suggesting an alternative way for you to send a text message other than your Native Message App!
Enjoy sending your messages to friends.!