[GUIDE] How-To Get The Most Out Of Your Battery


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Jan 14, 2011
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[NOTE]Many people ask, 'How can I get the most power and usage out of the battery in my new Smartphone'? It seems that even though manufactures are using larger batteries, there is a reason for not getting the most from your specific battery. A bigger device and bigger screen will command more battery power and can result in a faster batter drain and therefore, I thought I would provide a guide to help you get the most out of your New Smartphone.

Irregardless of the Smartphone, following this guide should also make the battery itself last longer so you are not spending money replacing it prematurely. [/NOTE]

[TIP]Your first week with your new phone tips -
To squeeze in a little bit more battery power, try these tips:
Tone down the ringtone and media volume.
Minimize the use of vibration or sound feedback. In Settings, tap Sound and
choose which ones you don't need and can disable.
Check your apps’ settings as you may find more options to optimize the battery

[TIP]Getting the battery to last longer:
How long the battery can last before it needs recharging depends on how you use your iPhone. try out some of these tips:
Check your battery usage
Monitoring your battery usage helps you identify what's using the most power so you can choose what to do about it.
Manage your connections:
Turn off wireless connections you're not using.
To turn on or off connections such as mobile data, WI FI, or Bluetooth, go to Settings and tap their On/Off switches.

Turn GPS on only when a precise location is needed.
To prevent some apps from using GPS in the background, keep the GPS
Satellites setting off. Turn it on only when you need your precise location while using navigation or location-based apps. Go to Settings and tap Location to turn this setting on or off.
Manage your display lowering the brightness, letting the display sleep when not in use, and keeping it simple helps save battery power.
Use automatic brightness (the default), or manually lower the brightness.
Set the screen timeout to a shorter time.
Changing your wallpaper to a plain, black background can also help a little. The less color is displayed, the less battery is used.

Manage your apps:
Install the latest software and application updates. Updates sometimes include battery performance improvements.
Uninstall or disable apps that you never use.
Many apps run processes or sync data in the background even when you're not using them. If there are apps that you don't need anymore, uninstall them.
If an app came preloaded and can't be uninstalled, disabling the app can still
prevent it from continuously running or syncing data. Limit background data and sync.
Background data and sync can use a lot of battery power if you have many apps syncing data in the background. It’s recommended not to let apps sync data too often. When the battery is starting to run low, temporarily disable syncing some data.
If you have many email accounts, consider prolonging the sync time of some
This will vary of course depending on the weather app you are using:
When you’re not traveling from one place to another, sync weather updates of only your current location, rather than in all of your named cities.
Open the Weather app, and then tap > Edit to remove unneeded cities.

[NOTE]Lastly, to sum up this guide it is worth mentioning a few of my own points as well, and I cannot stress how important these can be:

1. Use your phone often - By doing this, it will keep the cells and electrons in your battery moving which is very important! Never let the cells in your battery become dormant from sitting.
2. At least 2-3 times a month let your phone's battery run down until your phone turns off on its own. This helps to CONDITION your battery to maintain a longer charge, and thus, making it last longer.
If you follow this guide you will enjoy your phone longer and not get caught someplace with your phone battery being low or having to charge it and not being able to use it. [/NOTE]

Extra Information You Need To Know

Links To Little Known Info From Apple:

Battery Replacement Info

iPhone Battery Info – Everything You Need To Know

Charging Your Battery The Apple Way

Enjoy and have fun with your new iPhone

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Credits: Except for my personal touches in this guide - All credits go to Apple for supplying the information needed for me to put this guide together for you.
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Oct 2, 2013
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Nice and helpful. Except those first 3 dark blue links don't work on the apps. The light blue ones do.

Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5.


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Dec 31, 2015
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Thank you for this. I often wonder about charging after 100% is reached and whether the initial charge makes a big difference to later battery life.


Mar 17, 2016
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nice info. commonly or most of phone user's had a problem about the battery usage, as of this info its really help a lot the user's about their battery


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Oct 29, 2013
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Good article, thanks. I always charge to 100% + 20min,s and with a new device will always charge to 100% then let it run down to switch off, then back to 100%. Do this for the first three days (+?) We are told that this is no longer a nessacery procedure but it can only be done when the device is new so why not ? I can only add that with other devices that use this battery type this procedure is still recommended.


Dec 17, 2016
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"2. At least 2-3 times a month let your phone's battery run down until your phone turns off on its own. This helps to <b>CONDITION </b>your battery to maintain a longer charge, and thus, making it last longer.<br />"

Is there any sort of minimum allowable battery percentage to start the draining process? Say, when my battery is at 15% i can then switch it to airplane mode to drain it normally?


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Jun 5, 2014
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I avoid also charging too many times using a power case. My last case killed the battery from overheating. Do not charge iPhone with iPad charger too. Fast charging will decrease the battery life in my experience.

Damian Phillips

New member
Feb 13, 2017
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Very useful article! Actually I can give one additional advice. Always set your device brightness to a minimum level and turn off all networks - 3G, 4G, WI-Fi, also Bluetooth and etc., before you plug in it for charging. Believe me the device will charge almost twice faster.

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