[GUIDE] How To Clear the Unread Badge from the Mail App When Messages Have Been Read


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Mar 10, 2011
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At some point since the release of iOS 7, the Mail app has periodically stopped clearing its badge when all emails have been read. It can be a
frustrating thing to deal with at times but luckily there is a way to solve this problem. A very simple way to fix this problem was also baked in during
the few past releases of iOS.

If you run into this situation you can solve it very simply by following these steps:

Open the mail app
2014-02-10 22.29.16.png

Tap the Edit button and select "Mark as Unread"
2014-02-10 22.29.27.png

Now tap the Edit button and select "Mark as Read"
2014-02-10 22.29.39.png

Once you have followed these steps, the badge on the Mail app will disappear from your home screen!