[GUIDE] Creating Rich Text HTML Email Signatures For Your iPhone And iPad!


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Jan 14, 2011
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Creating Rich Text HTML Email Signatures For Your iPhone And iPad!

This has become the second guide I am going to write which comes from the 'Ask A Question Forum'.

This time, as the title implies, a guest wanted to know about creating a signature this way for his email instead of a plain text like we are use to, and the default "Sent From My iPhone" that is already on the phone when you get it. There were a few answers that led me to believe that you could not.

I read a lot of articles and How-Tos on the blog and remembered an article from a long time ago about doing this so here you go:

[NOTE]Simply start out by using one of your own emails from your PC at home or create one in Rich Text HTML at home. Now just send it to your iPhone or iPad email even if it is an empty email with no content.

Once you receive it - open the email and hold down on the signature until the selection tool pops up that allow you to copy the signature - Press Copy.

Once you have performed this step, you are almost done. Now simply go to the email signature box and click inside it. This time, the selection tool will pop up and you will see the paste pop up - Press Paste. You are done. [/NOTE]

[TIP]Now if you have included clickable links or emails or even phone numbers - ALL of those will work and you now have a custom Rich Text HTML email signature.

Last, but not least to remember, if you have more than one email account be it all personal or all business or personal and business, you can create one for each so have fun and customize them to your personal uses.[/TIP]

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