[GUIDE] An Introduction To Evernote

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Jan 14, 2011
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An Introduction To Evernote

As much time as I spend on iMore in the forums reading through threads, one of the most asked questions I see posted by our members is, "What is the best app to use for Productivity?"

This time, I thought I would concentrate on not only my favorite app but also many other members that recommend it along with our own iMore bloggers. What app am I talking about? Of course, I am referring to the one and only EVERNOTE. You may or may not have ever heard of Evernote, but at the end, once you have had a chance to learn about what this app enables you to do, you will be glad you found the productivity app you have been asking about.

Ready? Let's Get Started...
Please take a few brief moments to view the short video below -

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v= Pjn6YkCY2yA

Evernote consists of the following components: (Downloads)

Evernote | Remember everything with Evernote, Skitch and our other great apps. - Web Based

http://evernote.com/download/get.php?file=MacUnsupported - For MAC Desktop

http://evernote.com/download/get.php?file=Win - For Windows Desktop

The above links are for the desktop and web-based versions. In addition to these, there are many handy browser tools that you can use by simply going to Evernote on the web and selecting the ones you want to use - They will place a small shortcut icon on your browser for a one click easy way to simplify tasks that you will learn about on your own later. These are listed below.

Of course in iTunes you can download EverNote for any of your iDevices:

Evernore Screenshot.PNG

Evernote Screenshot Info..PNG

I have taken the liberty of showing you the Screenshots and Info. from within iTunes to give you an example. Please do not pay much attention to any in-app purchases or move up to the Pro version. The FREE VERSION of Evernote is all you will really ever need.
Disclaimer: The above screenshots and description information courtesy of Apple and iTunes - 2013

Here are several examples that you can attach to your browser to simplify your tasks:

As stated above, This tool will clean the article of everything allowing you to read just the text and not be distracted by anything else.

My favorite tool above allows you to clip anything and save it for a document or anything else you have in mind. All images used to make this guide were clipped using the EverNote Web Clipper.

This tool is also one very useful app which is the standalone desktop app and can be used without ever leaving your computer to produce your document once you use the other tools to gather your images and test you are going to use and save it to your computer.
Disclaimer: The three (3) above images and text courtesy of EverNote - 2013

As an example, if I come across an article I want to read now or save for later, I can simply click Clearly on the article and all advertising will be stripped out leaving pure text to cut through and read the article easier.

I use the Web Clipper all the time as an example I save ALL of our How-To Guides in Evernote so as soon as the person who is writing it and it is completed and moved to the correct forum, I can go in and select it and everything will not only be clipped as-is, but sent right to Evernote, and you can then place it in any notebook you have or made for this purpose like I do.

I use Evernote (The Snipping Tool) to do just what it says if I am browsing and want to save anything and send it to Evernote again to save where you choose. You can create endless notebooks.

These are just three (3) examples, and the best of all is that once you download the iDevice app, whatever you do in the above examples are immediately synced to iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Consequently, anything you do within the app from your mobile device will sync to the main document if you make any changes.

I personally write all my Forum Guides in Evernote as a new note, and copy and paste it once I have the basic complete outline for others to look at and critique and correct or pass it along.

You can do this for your business or your own personal use as well. For a free productivity app, I personally have not seen another like this one that offers so much and keeps so many different formats in order and synced along to your your devices.

Whether you decide to go strictly web based or desktop (I use both) you will find with one very simple free app and an easy learning curve how much you will increase the production and organization you have been asking about.

[INFO]To make sure that you have all of the information you may need and a complete understanding feel free to use the video tutorials that EverNote is good enough to provide...


Additional Links - Guides

Evernote Support | Evernote

Additional Product Links To Download

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[INFO]iMore Blog Article links pertaining to EverNote:

Evernote: Best app to take and organize notes on your iPad | iMore

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Evernote | iMore


What are you waiting for? Go over to iTunes and download Evernote - FREE. I know you will not be disappointed and hope I provided you with all the tools and information you have been looking for to become more productive and organized. Once you have mastered this app please pass the information forward to other members in the forum to help them as well. Thank you!

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Jan 10, 2014
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I used it once upon a time on my old android phone (it sucked...badly, the phone not the app, lol), it was ok, but I didn't quite get the full idea of it. I've been thinking of going back to it now that I understand it much more and I'm finding more and more time to do some blogging. Thanks for your awesome write-up. Kudos!


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Jul 31, 2018
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I find evernote to be slightly off topic at times especially on the phone. I don't love the app but it does seem to be sufficient for what it is being used for. If my phone came with a Notes app or something of the sorts i wouldn't be using Evernote but sadly I have yet to run into a better alternative. If anybody does come into contact with a better alternative be sure to post here and let me know.
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