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Feb 11, 2013
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Hi everyone,

We have just launched our first app on the app store. It is based on the classic children's game Guess Who but with a twist... the characters are your mutual friends which you share with your opponent.

This is a free game that you can find on iTunes -

Below is the app description and some images. If you have any feedback or comments please reply to this post and we will help.

The GYF Team

Guess Your Friend is a two player game for iPhone and iPad. Ask questions, eliminate and guess your mutual Facebook friends.

How well do you know your Facebook friends? Test your detective skills by playing Guess Your Friend!

Based on the classic Guess Who?, this two player game will have you hooked and is exclusively available on iPhone, iPad and iPod!

Play against your Facebook friends in an exciting game of guessing your mutual friends. The game starts with a board of 18 mutual friends. Each player selects a friend from the board for the other to guess.

Ask alternate yes or no questions to eliminate candidates, such as "Did I go to school with this person?" or "Does this person have blonde hair?", until you are able to elimate and guess correctly.

Determine who your opponent has selected to win!

- Turn based gameplay - Perfect for gamers on the go! Take turns guessing who your friends are.
- Play multiple games at once.
- Play with Facebook friends on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
- You write the questions.
- First to guess correctly wins.
- Find out who knows their friends the best.

Download for Free -

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