Grrrr, why Apple Maps is still an inferior product to Google Maps


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Feb 28, 2013
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This is not troll bait, it's a legitimate frustration that I believe shows the lack of commitment and resources Apple is giving to their mapping division.

Compare the below two images of a highway interchange that's on my commute to and from work:

Apple Maps


Google Maps


About 10 months ago, the on/off ramps depicted in Apple Maps were torn down and rebuilt to have east and west bound traffic enter and exit at different points, reflected in Google Maps below.

Once the new interchange was completed, Google Maps updated their maps a short time later (within weeks).

Apple Maps is still showing the same incorrect exit points over 10 months after construction was completed.

If I use Apple Maps to navigate to work, my phone keeps telling me to turn east on the westbound only ramp, and then yells at me to do a U turn until I take the correct exit onto the highway. Now granted, I know how to get to and from work just fine, however if someone was navigating this area for the first time, their iPhone would send them the wrong direction down the highway. Oh, and the westbound route doesn't have a exit to turn around at for another 6 miles.

I've submitted at least 4 map correction to Apple, pointing out that this has been changed a long time ago. I even added a screenshot from Google Maps to show how it *should* be....and I've gotten nothing.

Until Apple commits the resources necessary to make *TIMELY* updates to streets and highways that have changed, I cannot trust their data as being accurate when in unknown places, and Google Maps is still my go to mapping app. It's a matter of trusting that the data is accurate and up to date.

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