Groops - Match-3 puzzle game that will tie your brain in knots

Yoav Weiss

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Oct 23, 2013
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Hey Guys! I wanted to introduce my first game, Groops, available now on the App Store.

Groops is a puzzle game that will put your mind to the test. Match three tiles on a 4x4 board based on either shared or completely unique attributes - the number of possibilities will tie your brain in knots! Keep your mind sharp. Play Groops!

- Hundreds of levels of increasing difficulties, with plenty more on the way!
- Infinite, unlimited gameplay in ?Time Attack? mode. Get to the top of the leaderboards and send your friends Challenge requests to beat your score!
- Compete against friends in multiplayer mode - who can get the most Groops before time runs out? (Available for Hard and Expert modes under Time Attack.)



Match 3 tiles to make a Groop. Tiles have 4 attributes with three options each - SHAPE (square, circle, leaf), COLOR (blue, magenta, yellow), PATTERN (solid fill, striped fill, border only), and SYMBOL (diamond, hourglass, and its 3rd option is no symbol at all). Finding identical tiles is easy, but you?ll eventually need to make Groops based on mixed attributes, and thats where we kick your brain into full-throttle.

Groops can be made by matching tiles with identical attributes, by matching all 3 options of 1 attribute, or by matching three different options across multiple attributes. For example:

- Solid blue square with no symbol, solid blue circle with no symbol, and a solid blue leaf with no symbol. (Same shape - square, same color - blue, same pattern - solid, all different symbols)

- Striped blue square with no symbol, solid magenta circle with a diamond, bordered yellow leaf with an hourglass (All different shapes, all different colors, all different patterns, all different symbols)

Note: To make a Groop, either all options are the same, or all different across the attributes. For example, these would be invalid:

- Solid blue square with no symbol, solid blue square with no symbol, solid blue circle with no symbol (two squares and a circle, instead of three squares, or one square, one circle, and one leaf)
- Bordered magenta circle with a diamond, solid yellow circle with a diamond, solid yellow circle with an hourglass (Invalid for two reasons: 1) two yellows and a magenta instead of three yellows or one yellow, one magenta, and one blue. 2) two diamonds and an hourglass instead of three diamonds or one diamond, one hourglass, and one without any symbol at all)


LEVELS - Relax, there?s no time pressure. Find all the possible Groops on the screen to advance. You can use hints if you get stuck (get more from the Powerups section).

2.png 3.png

TIME ATTACK - Find as many Groops as possible before time runs out! Make 5 Groops in a row to increase your multiplier, but be careful! If you make an invalid Groop, your multiplier gets reset. Rack up as many points as possible because your score gets added to your points bank. Visit the Powerups section to buy hints and refreshes (Time Attack only) with your points.

4.png 5.png

Thanks and I hope you like it!


Some promo codes to get you started :)



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Jan 14, 2011
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Firsat of all Welcome to iMore and a fantastic job in displaying your new app for our members, This is what gets peoples attn and interest. We wish you the best and much success. Please feel free to have a look around at all of our other forums. Once again thank You for being a part of iMore! To be sure that all App Developers conform with all of the posting regulations we ask that you familiarize yourself with the App and Developer Rules & Guidelines

PS Thank you also for the Promo Codes!


Yoav Weiss

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Oct 23, 2013
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Groops 1.2 is live as a Universal binary with support for iPad

It's also been chosen as the Starbucks Pick of the Week! Go grab it free while it lasts from the Starbucks App :)

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