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Grocery iQ

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Sep 29, 2008
Hello, readers of the iPhone blog! Free State Labs would like just a minute of your time to introduce you to the best shopping/grocery list app on the iTunes App Store: Grocery iQ!


Grocery shopping made sensible - Grocery iQ

Save time and money while avoiding the headaches of grocery shopping. Grocery iQ includes all the features you expect from an intuitive and powerful shopping list application along with the convenience of a 130,000+ item database. Use your shopping history and favorites list to quickly build new lists. Never buy the wrong item again.

Features Include:

- Build smart lists fast with 130,000+ database
- Add quantity, container size, and notes
- Pick your favorites and add them to your list
- Automatically organize the list by aisle
- Email list so someone else does the shopping!

With the polished touch you expect, Grocery iQ is the most feature-rich grocery shopping application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Use the application to quickly pull together your shopping list. Add items whenever you like.

Use the predictive search feature to quickly add specific items. Review your history and build a favorites list to save you time and hassle. When you visit the store the list is automatically in the right order and all you have to do is check off items as you go. We know you'll agree Grocery iQ is grocery shopping made sensible.

Coming soon in Version 1.0.1:

- Add, delete, and rename Aisles
- Custom item sizes

Coming soon in Version 1.1:

- Multiple store/list support
- Even more grocery data






We'd love to hear any feedback from application users! If you're an app reviewer and need a review copy, just let us know.

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