Green Rage - New Shooter for Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


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Nov 2, 2012
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Green Rage is a real and honest shooter for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which doesn?t just give you but grants you only a well deserved victory. Your victory isn?t measured in little stars.

Game Features:

? The image on your device is such that you feel like touching it, caressing it, and even eating it ? so colorful, detailed, and juicy as a bitten apple.

? All of our heroes and characters move and behave exactly as flying whales and giant mollusks should.

? All of the six game worlds are well thought-out and executed with the precision of a true naturalist (by the way, we lost a few naturalists during the creation process). And you?ll be seeing their landscapes even in your dreams.

? An adventure which will make you forget about food, sleep, and your pet hamster.

? A plot presented in slides which are enough for a whole comic book.

? A story full of tragic errors and unwitting bravery which will show you that, deep down, we?re all the same in the Universe.

? 10 full-scale music compositions.

? 81 (exactly!) sound effects for the heroes and characters recorded with the help of real flying whales and giant mollusks (we lost a few more naturalists while doing the recordings).

? Controls which you can set up for any kind of human or alien fingers.
? Support for Retina-display of the new iPad and iPhone 5.

? And we are gamers and we do respect you as a gamer. So there are no In-App purchases, commercial and other sort of spoilers and banners inside our game. We vote for fair play. GL.

Requirements: iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPod touch 5.
Minimum iOS version - 5.0.

Video review link: Watch Green Rage iPad App Review - DailyAppShow | The Daily App Show - iPhone, iPad, Android & Mac App Reviews Episodes | Blip

iTunes links:
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