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Jun 11, 2012
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AirClipboard - Your clipboard on Cloud

Have you ever wondered if there is a tool out there that let you transfer your text, URL, phone number, address…between your iPhone, Mac, Windows, Linux and tablet fast, easy, automatic and simple? You got the answer right now with Air Clipboard. Air Clipboard lets you manage your text clipboard and transfer them between your smart phone, your Mac, your Windows, your Linux or your tablet effortlessly, quickly and smoothly.

Have you ever tried hard to type a long SMS on your Phone to send to your friends, and it took you minutes to do that? Think about Air Clipboard…

Have you ever tried entering long URL like map URL to your Phone, and it took you minutes to do that with many mistakes and retyping? Think about Air Clipboard…

Have you ever tried hard to quick wrap some text on your Computer/Mac to your iPhone? Think about Air Clipboard…

Have you ever questioned why your phone just has one clipboard, and when you copy/cut a text, it overwrites each other’s? Think about Air Clipboard…

What you can do with the Air Clipboard?

  • Put your note/clipboard on cloud, and then you can access it from anywhere, at any time
  • Quickly creating unlimited Air Clipboard items and it’s automatically synchronized to cloud
  • Automatic copy your local phone clipboard to Air Clipboard when creating a new Air Clipboard
  • Quickly text (SMS) to your friends your clip text with one tap
  • Quickly e-mail to your friends your clip text with one tap
  • Quickly add a note from Air Clipboard to your calendar
  • Quickly copy Air Clipboard to your local phone clipboard with one tap
  • Apply Push Notification for Air Clipboard changed notification. What you change to the Air Clipboard on cloud, it automatically synchronized to your phone effortlessly.
  • Able to work with Air Clipboard offline.
  • Automatic detect URL, web link, address, e-mail address and phone Number, so you can access a web link, call a number, send mail right from this app.
  • There is a web application version, so you can access your Air Clipboard at any platform with a browser. You can access the web application at Sign In to Air Clipboard
  • Enjoy a beauty and clean user interface design
  • Full retina display support
  • Full support IPhone 5
  • Full support iOS6
  • Air Clipboard will transform your way to move text data from/to your smart Phone, Mac, Windows, and Linux and so on. Let give it a try and tell us what you think






Air Clipboard App


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