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Sep 23, 2011
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After the huge success of Fly Smasher, we are back with Night Smasher. Thank you all for making Fly Smasher a huge hit and we hope you all will enjoy playing Night Smasher too.

?Night Smasher is back to rock and roll on your iPhone?

Official Game Trailer: Night Smasher Game Trailer for iPad - YouTube

Flies are back to bother you in the night. The bad flies are here to steal away your yummy food. You have to smash all the bad flies in order to save the food from being eaten away. Kill all the bad flies as and when they appear on the screen. But be careful, missing to smash even one bad fly will cost you a life.

PS: Do not kill the good flies as they will cut down points or your life at a certain point

Special power-ups are available to eliminate the flies at a single shot such as Mild Spray, Killer Spray and Electric Shock.

There?s more in store for you, check out Night Smasher for iPhone and download your copy for Free. Get it right away!!!

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