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Got zapped while talking on phone


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Jul 2, 2009
Here is the thing. I was talking on my iPhone 3gs and when I touch the top of the phone near the power button i felt what at the the time I thought was a bug or bee sting. It kept happening but no bug/bee. Then it hit me. I'm getting zapped. As the conversation went on (about a 2 min. total) my fingers were tingling. I normally have a plastic case so hadn't really talked on the phone without the case since I got it, but the case broke. One big thing. I had it plugged into the computer via USB cable. I have done this many times but with the case.

Anyone else notice this? Not that I want you to try it. But has anything like that happened to you? I just talked on the phone again without it plugged in and no zaps. I had it plugged into the wall charger earlier this morning and no zaps. Maybe a problem with my PC or the cable I'm using. But wanted to find out if anyone has had this happen.


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Jun 10, 2008
this has never occurred to me.. you may have a shorted circuit in your phone. while i doubt that the actual phone power would be sufficient to "zap " you... the RF can, and may even burn you if "zapped" long enough... i'd seek professional help for the phone...

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