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Jan 23, 2011
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I have a iPhone 6 and I am using the Google search app/Google now and a function that used to work is "when to leave" for an appointment. I like that functionality. When I first got the phone it seemed to work. It would send me a notification an hour early saying I need to leave 45 minutes early to make that appointment. I tried making appointments in the iOS calender app and on Calender.Google.Com to see if where I input the location or the address type and I am not getting constant results. I try pulling the address from the Google Maps app so the address is in Google's proper format if that made a difference. I also used the location auto fill on iOS. Both methods used to work. I get a card stating I have a event put it does not provide when to leave information or traffic information like it used to. Is there a setting I can turn on or trouble shooting I can do. It does provide when to leave information for my common locations like my house or my office, but not appointment locations like it used to. I have every box checked yes and reinstalled the app as well. Any thoughts?

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