Google Reader meets twitter. "RSS Flash g" is updated.


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Jul 15, 2009
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?RSS Flash g? is a RSS feed reader for the iPhone and iPod touch that synchronizes with your Google Reader account.

RSS Flash g ? Ebisu Soft
Synchronizes with your Google Reader account

This application can synchronize with your Google Reader account. If you change the read status of an item or if you star it on your PC, the changes also reflect on ?RSS Flash g?. It is very useful for continuing to read the contents of your Google Reader account on your iPhone when you go out.

You can choose to display all items, starred items, shared items, folders or feeds. Switching between folder and feeds display mode is easy.

* You need a Google Reader account to use this application. Get an account here.
Offline browsing

Articles in each folder are automatically updated and saved on your iPhone. It allows you to read articles even when you are not connected to the Internet. (Images in the article are not saved.)

If you mark an article as read, star an article or share it while offline, they will be synchronized next time you connect to the Internet.
Slideshow mode

Slideshow is available on the top screen (folder) and on the item screen.

Slideshow obtains articles and switches the display automatically with an animation. By simply touching the screen, you can check the details of an article that you are interested in. You can read through the news while your iPhone is Docked.
Social functions

You can share articles and comments with your friends.
- Share with notes
- Send link by email
- Twitter
You can twit an URL or the title of an article with a single touch.

* You have to set your Google Reader account on PC or Mac to use the share function.
User interface

- Each display mode can be shown in landscape (This function can be turned off).
- Great key design makes the application easy to use with one hand.
- Change the font size: Large, Medium, or Small (On the item screen).
- Select the background, black or white.
- Display mobile proxy with the build-in browser.

The following items are customizable to fit the way you use the application.
- Automatic synchronize ON/OFF. Change synchronize intervals. (Only when using slideshow).
- Update the latest 25, 50, 75, 100 items.
- You can chose whether you want to synchronize unread articles as ?New? or read articles as ?ALL? in each folder and feed.
- You can chose whether you want to mark as read or not when opening an article.
About the free version

You can also try the free version of ?RSS Flash g?, ?RSS Flash g free?.
The free version works as the full version but has the following limitations:
1. Advertisement on each screen.
2. You can create a maximum of 6 folders.
Try the free version before purchasing the full version.




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