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Nov 13, 2012
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I did search first and did not find what I needed. Long time Android user, recently you may have heard Google is removing the Play music app and moving everyone over to YouTube Music. What I found out and they do not tell you, you have to play $10/month to listen to your music that you already purchased, you cannot download it. I am looking if it is at all possible to move my purchased music.

- I do not stream - places I go I have no connection hence I need to download. This may be dumb but can you purchase albums and play them offline?
- Anyone know if its possible to migrate my purchased Google Play Music to Apple Music?

If its not possible, I am ready to ditch Google/Android over this, really PO'ed.

Thanks for any help.


Dec 6, 2012
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I would suggest downloading the music using the tools Google provides in their notice to you about the service going away and then adding them to your Apple music that way. I had a few albums I purchased from Google Play in the past and downloaded them. It will let you know when the file(s) is/are ready to download once it compresses them for the transfer. Other than that, I don't think there is any way to migrate between the two services.

Just in case anyone needs directions for this process:

  1. Log into your Google account
  2. Click your Account button > Manage Your Google Account
  3. Click "Data and Personalization" on left pane
  4. Scroll down and click on Google Play icon (may be located in the 'Things you create and do' box)
  5. Click "Download Your Data" link
  6. Under "CREATE NEW EXPORT" click "deselect all"
  7. Scroll down to "Google Play Music and check the box next to it (be careful not to accidentally select one of the other 'Play' options)
  8. Scroll to the bottom and click "Next Step"
  9. Choose the file size you want as the download and follow the directions from there.
  10. It will email you a notification when your file(s) are ready for you with a link to follow.
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