Google plans AirTags rival (because Google doesn't track you enough already)


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Aug 27, 2021
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All good replies from Annie, Ed, kataran.

TBH, Google is recording/tracking so much via Android that I’m not sure a Google AirTag will up the invasiveness all that much. Using the Pixel phone as example: it is a Google copy AirTag on a 55 gallon drum of steroids.
They’ll sell some. I know some Android users who dislike and will not buy Apple, period. But they’ll buy a product category Apple has rocketed into popular culture. Generally those Android users either don’t know or don’t care that Google is recording even walking/waking movements.

The bad news is I wished they cared more about something that should be important to everyone. The good news is (selfish for me to say, apologies :)) those who don’t care about their phone/apps heavily recording their personal privacy data, they actually pay for some of my software/apps/sites I use. Is that wrong of me? :)
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