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Google Calendar Items sync'd to Outlook not showing on IphoneCalendar


New member
Jan 9, 2009
So I have my google calendar sync'd to my Outlook, and I have my outlook synced to my Iphone. When events come from Google to outlook they are not showing on my Iphone. They do show on my outlook calendar. If I move the appt. or alter it in any way it then shows up on my Iphone. The only difference I can find between the events is who modified them. The google events say "last modified by mailbox store (Echadam)". When I move the appt that changes to "Last modified by" my name. However, events that are modified by my administrative assistant are showing up on my Iphone. Any ideas here?


TiPb Forum Staff
Jul 10, 2008
If you want to sync Google Calendar with the iPhone, I have found the easiest way is to use NumasSync (jailbroken app) or NuevaSync.