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Sep 16, 2008
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Goodrec Launches Mobile Recommendation Service at TechCrunch50

Goodrec Makes it Easy for Anyone to Make, Find and Remember Actionable Recommendations from Friends and Trusted Sources

Goodrec, the mobile and online recommendation service with actionable recommendations from the people you trust, announced the company?s official launch. The recommendation service is now available online, in the Apple iPhone App store and on any mobile browser.

Through short, to-the-point recommendations from friends and trusted sources, Goodrec cuts through the clutter so people can easily find and make recommendations for restaurants, nightlife, movies, books and more. Users can also remember recommendations for the future with contextually aware one-click bookmarks. Goodrec offers a seamless experience whether accessing the service online at Goodrec - Log In, from any mobile browser at or via the iPhone application.

?We were tired of reading rambling and contradictory reviews from people we didn?t know which didn?t help us make a decision on where to go or what to try. That?s what drove us to create Goodrec,? said Mihir Shah, Goodrec CEO and co-founder. ?We?ve built the easiest and quickest way for people to make, find and remember recommendations. There are no long ranting reviews, only concise recommendations, which are perfect for when you are on the move. It?s so easy to use you can recommend all your favorites in minutes.?

With Goodrec, anyone can make recommendations quickly and privately online or from their mobile phone, creating a central place to store all types of recommendations. The Goodrec service offers fast decision-making with ?Thumbs Up?, ?Thumbs Down? recommendations and valuable quick tips. Goodrec?s proprietary technology makes intelligent suggestions based on personal taste and friends' recommendations. Goodrec also offers the ability to filter and sort based on personal preferences or to zoom into a neighborhood map and make recommendations from the map itself. The service allows users to invite friends easily via e-mail or SMS.

Goodrec takes advantage of the iPhone?s location-based capabilities, giving users the power to find places around them that friends have recommended. Goodrec users can quickly make recommendations at the moment of inspiration, such as sharing a live stream of photos during each course of dinner, creating a real-time travel guide while on vacation so friends can follow along or even cataloging their wine cellar. Discovering must-read books and must-see movies is fun with the constantly updating socially ranked list of top recs.

For more information about Goodrec, please visit Goodrec - Log In.