Going to iPhone 7 plus from a Nexus 6P


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Oct 22, 2016
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This is my personal review of the phone and in no way am I trying to convince people to switch to the iPhone

I have been a long time Android user from the Droid X to Droid Razr then to the LG G3 then Nexus 6P. I have never had a stock Android device until the 6P. I have always rooted and unlocked boot loader and loaded custom ROMS onto the phones. The 6P is my first Android where I left it stock. The device is buttery smooth and there's no need for custom ROMs since it does run pretty well. But I have also used the iPhone 4, 5c, and 7 for work. So I am not new to iOS and I also have a iPad Air 2 and now a iPhone 7 Plus.

So why the change to iOS? Simple, it just works.

Lets start with bluetooth. I use bluetooth a lot especially since I drive a lot. 25K miles/year. I had a replacement Nexus 6P, factory reset original 6P, and factory reset new 6P and I still had bluetooth issues. I thought it was Android wear so I got rid of Android wear apps, devices and and anything else linked to it. None of that works. Looks like its Android N software so I can either deal with the issues and have the latest security updates or flash older software and risk security issues. The issues I was having was connecting to my truck. Constantly disconnecting and the only way to fix it is reboot. Sometimes manual connecting from the phone work but only sometimes. But this also applies to bluetooth headphone where it would disconnect and reconnect. Not sure why it did that but it wasn't a big issue since it would reconnect so I go maybe 10-20 second without music in my ear. This could be with the earphones since it only happens with this one but since I do not have another set, I cannot say for sure that it's the earphones.

Now onto messaging. I waited for Google Allo to come out and i tried it and it was terrible. In order to send text messages, the other user needed this app and if they didn't, your message comes in a a 5 digit number then your name and text in the body's the message. Very inconvenient. So you cannot get rid of the default messaging app. You needed both and Allo was useless to me. Also I work in labs where service is very bad so I have a MiFi near a window to get some service but I can use imessage to talk to 90% of my friends because they all have iPhones. iMessage also has all the fun features where some might say its childish but I like it and I have fun with it.

OS environment. Well, Android is a very nice environment but it's not there yet when your talking about OS stbility. Changing from DELVIK to ART was a big change for google and it had a lot of positive changes but it brought a to of negative changes. This was introduced back with Android L and refined in Android M but should be much better in Android N but it wasn't the case. Apps still took longer to load on Android then iOS. For example, SIMs buildit, it would take close to 2 minutes to load even on a freshly loaded OS from a factory reset. On iOS, it take less then 30 seconds. Modern Combat runs much smoother on iOS then Android even though Nexus 6P has more power under the hood. It has to do with how ART system opens apps and loads apps with the security layer. It makes sense but it slows it down. Also, With all this coding and processing power it needed to opening apps and letting tasks, battery life suffered. Then comes my biggest issue, apps force closing all the time, even apps made for Android N. Again, factory reset should of helped but it didn't. Not having that stability made using the phone a hassle. I could be in the middle of typing my review like this and it will close and I lose everything. This was unacceptable for me.

Both phones have really good cameras and both have a solid build to the device so there's not much to say about that. But when it came to wifi connection to my camera, my iPhone works much better. There was lag when using my phone has the screen and remote for my camera which was a Canon G1X Mark 2. Transferring photos was never the issue. It was connecting to the camera that was an issue. Android will connect to the wifi but since there was no internet connection, it would pop up with a warning and disconnect while the camera tried to connect and then it would fail. Then I have to connect to that Camera again and then it would recognize the wifi and that I allowed it and stay connected. For those who don't know, the Canon software allows the phone to be connected then talks to it before it stays connected. If it doesn't the camera will reject the connection and I have to start over. Canon did a terrible job of this but I have to live with it.

Battery life-I can barely get half a day with the Nexus 6P with Android N. But on my iPhone 5c, I could get most of the day with similar usage. Now with the iPhone 7 plus, battery life is much better then the 6P but I always have a charger so this is not a big issue for me. But Android N's battery life has gone downhill compared to Android M. I am all not the only one this issue and many other Android N users are reporting drop in battery life.

Am I saying the iPhone is the best device out there? No but it is the best for me. There are a lot of other comparison but this is more real world to me and my daily usage. I am not going to compare the two in terms of photo quality since both are very very similar. I can if you guys want but I think it is a waste of time. Hard to tell the difference between the two. The iPhone wins because of the dual lens and the zoom lens but that's the only reason I think it wins. Both had very good hardware and nothing to complain about for hardware.

My biggest issue right now is iCloud drive. It's terrible. There's no way to upload files from your phone. I wish there was a way to do it but there isn't but yet you can do that from Google drive. Very weird.

Also, Google apps seems to run better on ios then Android. Google Plus works much better on iOS then Android. Google drive is another since you can lock the drive on iOS but not on Android.

Right now the only thing I do miss is my Huawei Watch nice I like custom watch faces and notifications and my only solution is Apple watch but I cant justify the money for one right now considering I just picked up the iPhone but I will eventually.

Rob Phillips

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May 1, 2012
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Thanks. It's all I can say for now since I just got the device. I will update when the time comes.

You seem to have picked up on the "It just works!" theme quite nicely.

That's the first thing most people say when they switch over.

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