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Give your car a thorough cleaning with this $60 Autowit cordless vacuum


Nov 15, 2013

The place we spend most of our lives besides our home or workplace is our car, so why do we put disturbingly little effort into keeping it clean? Admittedly, cleaning your car isn’t exactly the easiest chore; it’s tight and cramped, making it nearly impossible for even compact vacuums to reach neglected areas. What you’ll need is an even smaller vacuum specifically designed for your car, and [URL="https://digitaloffers.imore.com/sales/autowit-cordless-handheld-car-vacuum-cleaner?utm_source=imore.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=autowit-cordless-handheld-car-vacuum-cleaner&utm_term=scsf-344780&utm_content=a0x1P000004Mo29&scsonar=1&utm_mona=UUimUvbUpU3168406]this $59.99 Autowit delivers.[/URL]

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