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Gestures Gestures Gestures


Mar 27, 2015
As I have stated many times, I am also a Blackberry user and loved the gesturing concept that made Blackberry OS10 work so well.

Having used my device the better part of today, I am impressed how Apple has adapted the gesturing concept into the iPhone X. As with OS10, once you get used to the swipe concept, it just feels natural and you find yourself not missing the home button anymore.

Now that Apple has adapted this technology into the iPhone X, I am excited about the future of the X. With the resources and engineering Apple has at their disposal, they can really take gesturing to the next level.

For all you folks who haven’t been exposed to gesturing, give it a chance as you along with the rest of us out there who have used it in the past, you just might find yourself liking it. The future of gesturing and the smartphone has all of sudden looked brighter then ever.

Even though us former Blackberry OS10 users always knew how well it worked. I look forward to the road ahead and my new iPhone X.


New member
Sep 29, 2015
I never used BlackBerry OS 10, so the gesture thing is new to me. I'm actually enjoying it very much. Like others, I have instinctively reached for the TouchID button a few times, but I haven't done that within the last several hours as I'm getting used to gesturing.


New member
Jul 1, 2009
Agree. Having everything be a gesture that involves something new appearing on the screen makes sense. Will be an adjustment period for some more than others. But works nearly flawlessly for me, as does Face ID.