Geotag Photos ? taken by any (DSLR or compact) camera using iPhone [promo codes]


Jul 8, 2010
Geotag Photos - iPhone application for automatic geotagging of photos taken by any (DSLR or compact one) camera. This new version supports iPhone OS 4 multitasking, so that it can run on background, when user is using any other application.

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Geotagged photos gives to your photo library new dimension ? with location information for every photo, you can easily display each photo on map, find photo by position or by location name. Most of modern photo viewing applications support this (so called Places function) ? iPhoto, Aperture, Picasa and photo sharing sites (Flickr, ?) as well. But ? how to add location information if you don?t have GPS chip in your camera?

Use Geotag Photos for iPhone, ultimate tool for every amateur or prefessional photographer! With Geotag Photos application, you can store location data automatically and later assign them to photos taken by your regular camera. This is done by our desktop application (free of charge for every Geotag Photos for iPhone users).

Feature highlights:
* multitasking support for iOS4
* Geotag Photos enables addition of geospatial metadata to digital photos taken by any (DSLR or compact one) camera
* Exact locations are logged at user-set intervals by iPhone application
* various logging modes, from continuous to manual
* desktop app matches logged location data with photos taken by any camera and saves location data in standard metadata format
* Desktop application supports all major operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
* support of .JPG and RAW file formats (more than 20 file formats - like NEF, DC2, DCW, ...)
* export of location data to GPX standard format
* Photos can be searched or sorted by location after tagging using wide range of viewing applications - such as iPhoto or Aperture on Mac OS X or Picasa on Windows and Linux
* FREE lite version is available


Geotag Photos is only $2.99 (USD)
Lite version of Geotag Photos is free of charge

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Jindrich and Jan
authors of Geotag Photos