general itunes help needed... please and thank you!


Jul 3, 2012
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i like to manually sync music to my phone. which i know how to do. but how do i manage the music that i have moved to my phone? what if i want to delete a song on my device that i dont want anymore? if i right click a song on my phone, there is no option to remove it? only way i found is to de-select "sync music" which will remove all my music, and then re-sync the music that i want. this is an awful way to manually manage music.

i also dont understand why itunes wants to sync apps to my pc that are on my phone? i know how to prevent this, but it seems like a pointless feature. yesterday i downloaded a free ringtone app. which needed to be synced to my pc so that i could transfer the songs i downloaded, to my itunes library. but as soon as you select "sync apps" itunes starts downloading all the apps from phone to pc. and again i know you can manually select apps you want it to sync, but by the time you get done de-selecting all the apps you dont want it to sync, its already downloaded a handful of them. and so as soon as you move back to your library, all those apps already downloaded are now removed from your phone!

and why is it so difficult to change a ringtone? this is a feature widly used for years now? why cant i change a ringtone on my phone without the use of itunes? plus the process is rediculous... download an app, download the ringtone you want on your phone, tranfer the tones to your pc, transfer the tone to your itunes library, transfer the tone back to your phone..... omg

more than anything though, i just want to be able to manually manage my music library on my iphone, but itunes makes it difficult.

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