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Geekbench score for my iPhone 7 and its meaning


New member
Sep 17, 2017
Hi Guys,

So i have heard a lot about Geekbench and thought might as well give it ago.

I am using an iPhone 7 for the past six months.

This is what i got when i ran my CPU and Compute benchmarks earlier today



I think The CPU score is pretty bad. Could this be because of the systems updates? I haven’t done geekbenching before. So i dont have my phones previous scores.

So what can be done to get a better score/ improve it?

I am yet to run the full battery discharge test, which I should be able to do this week.

Excuse me for these questions but honestly i am a bit clueless about them.

Appreciate the help in advance.



Trusted Member
Oct 4, 2014
Hi there!
The reason behind the low Geekbench score is simply because your device is in Low Power Mode (Reduces performance to increase battery life).

Turn off LPM, and you’ll see a much higher score.