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Mountagon Kom

Dec 23, 2012
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Following the success of the RPG, or role-playing game, another form of gameplay decided to take things to the next level: the MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which allows groups of users to meet together in a virtual world and collaborate on missions, trade and barter, or just goof around for awhile.
King of Mercs Online is a living breathing world ? lag free ? populated by real players looking to quest with you, trade with you, and welcome you into their guilds. From combat to crafting, nearly every level of play that you could want in a PC MMO is here, and it fits right in your pocket.
Some MMORPG fans may argue the type of King of Mercs Online is somewhat social. In that regard, I consider King of Mercs Online to be a great success, because it delivers the intent of the developer-create an intimate social bonds among MMO players.
One of the first things I loved about the game was its character customization. Much like many other MMORPGs, King of Mercs Online has options for race (Spartan,Athenian and Persian), class, gender, appearance and other characteristics that help define who the user wants to be online.

The controls are a easy to grasp and very user friendly. With right thumb you could du all the works. The player function menu button is retractable on the bottom left of the screen,allowing you to have a better user experience.

With each level, you get 5 attribution points that upgrades your existing abilities-HP /EP /SP /POWER. You'll also find that you'll spend less time buying items from Props shop, as the best weapons and armors will be collected from quests or drop items. As in WoW, you can further specialize in areas like making armors and weapons,but the game economy feels less important than in other major MMOs.
Much like WoW, the user will run into other players fulfilling their own quests right alongside. Users can form guilds to go out on missions, which only helps out a bit early on but tends to get more and more important later on down the road. And much like WoW, there are chat channels to stay in touch with them.King Of Mercs Online provide the players 3 chat channels to enjoy live interaction with bros and whole mercs. The world chat, with a giant horn , enables U to make important announcement to the whole world. The guild chat makes easy and efficient way to discuss strategy . Private chat helps U intimately contacting your friends.

The guild feature is the most exciting part of the game. It's where you belong to or your own creation. Hundreds of players may join the guild and under take the guild tasks together for promotion and ranking high in the guild list. The president or the vice presidents may organize the troops to attend the Guild war regularly in a week. It needs real strategy and in-guild coordination because the rule is somewhat tricky-the winner will get 3 points,loser will get 1 point and only the active attack can be counted. This means even the weak guild members can rush up in crowds to actively attack the stronger at the same time and get 4,5 or more points when the stronger can fight back only one time for 3 points. Of course, daily communal and management is lack less.The guild leaders shall treat their army men as real soldiers, then you can expect they attend the battle actively and orderly.
King of Mercs features around 500 right now, with more surely on the way, so it'll keep you busy for a long while. If you're not spending all of your free time already, you'll definitely want to give this a shot. It's by far the best mobile offering in the genre. It looks good, plays well, and is fun. Oh, and it's FREE. What more needs to be said?

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