Galaxy Note 7 vs. iPhone 6s Plus: Battle of the big phones!


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Apr 11, 2016
I'm getting dangerously close to switching sides. Apple's platform stability, compared to the absolute crap-shoot that was android at the time led me to my first iPhone 4s. And my current 6 will most likely serve me until late next year if not into the following. But android is knocking it out of the park on features while Apple seems content to continue repackaging the same thing in a new case. It's very telling that the "buzz" on the 7 is a camera LG has had out for a long time and the placement of antenna lines. And the camera is not even on e regular phone. They need waterproof and wireless. It's beyond a want, it's becoming a need. I get it. I have a friend who is a hard-core apple man. He will buy iPhone no matter what. But there are a lot of softer users, like myself, who like Apple, but won't stick around if the other companies are offering much much more for the money. I have the luxury, as long as my old 6 lasts, I can wait out the 8/7s and see if a shatterproof screen, amoled display, waterproof, and wireless charging shows up. Others won't. I came from BlackBerry, and watched as bb fans screamed the virtues of the devices while customers left in droves. Apple may be at that same crossroads.