Future iPhones could detect depression, autism in children, says report


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Aug 27, 2021
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“That’s something doctors should do” is a noble but unrealistic statement. Most practiced medicine is based on, designed for, profitable from treatment based. A minority of it is preventative based. And visiting a doctor, one that isn’t super busy, on a very increased basis is unrealistic as well.
Apple Watch and iPhone health functions are almost entirely preventative based. It is in effect a daily doctor visit albeit not comprehensive. Regardless of it not being fully comprehensive, the number of baselines and metrics based analytics that this recent tech provides is a big step for mankind’s health. It’s shocking for it to be casually dismissed including dismissing this article’s subject of predicting critical health items like depression and cognitive issues. I mean this with all do respect but you and the other posters are actually dismissing this because “what do you do with this” and no big deal because iPhone doesn’t tell you what to do with it? A home blood pressure monitor, among numerous home health checking devices and tests, doesn’t tell you what to do or fix a concerning reading. I guess that’s all a waste? We should just rely on scheduling a doctor visit whenever they’re available? Yikes…

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